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SONshine Home Campaign

A Home of Hope & Love

The Radiance Campaign… igniting beauty and light within.  Strategically aligned with Billings Faith Community, Love and SONshine Ministries has a plan to open our first “SONshine Home”.  These efforts and accomplishments will be realized through a campaign to raise additional funds for the final home purchase, necessary renovations, and first year operating expenses.  

The Need is Staggering

Only 19 of 1300 shelter beds are for pregnant/parenting youth.
4887 at-risk or homeless pregnant/parenting youth in Montana.
20% of homeless young women will become pregnant.
50% of pregnant/parenting teens will graduate highschool.

The Why Behind Love and SONshine

The stats we shared are a sobering reminder that we have much work to do to make sure our youngest lives have the best start possible.  

Together We Can!

Project Details

Will you let your light Shine?

There are many ways you can help support these young mamas and their babes.

Project Updates

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We Just Closed!

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May 12th, 2022

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Upcoming Events

Night of Radiance

Sept 22nd | 5pm | Camelot Ranch

“The SON is the radiance of God’s glory…” Hebrews 1:3.

Join us for our 2nd annual fundraising event.  It will be an evening filled with entertainment, silent auction, food, beverages and most importantly… love!