Help Us Fully Staff and Stock the SONshine Home for a Year!

Loving Empowering Equipping Inspiring Supporting Educating Teen Moms in the Name of Jesus



Thanks to your generosity, the SONshine Home is complete and ready for moms!

Our goal is to raise the funds needed to make sure this home is fully staffed and stocked with supplies for the mommas and babies who will call this haven their home.

Annual Event

Night of Radiance

September 14th
Camelot Ranch

“The SON is the radiance of God’s glory…” Hebrews 1:3.

Join us for our annual fundraising event.  It will be an evening filled with entertainment, silent auction, food, beverages and most importantly… love!

Let's Transform the Josephine Bed & Breakfast into the SONshine Home for teen moms.

Welcome to Love & SONshine

We provide a safe haven in Billings for pregnant teens & young moms in need

We seek to make a difference in as many young lives as possible, to a leave a lasting legacy, and to break the cycle of poverty by giving young mothers necessary skills to be empowered to aspire and achieve more.  

The Need is Staggering

Only 19 out of 1300 shelter beds are for pregnant/parenting youth.
4887 at-risk or homeless pregnant/parenting youth across Montana.
20% of homeless young women will become pregnant.
50% of pregnant/parenting teens graduate from highschool.

The Why Behind Love and SONshine

The stats we list are a sobering reminder that we have much work to do to make sure our youngest lives have the best start possible.

19:26 Circle of Givers

Believing God
for the

The Matthew 19:26 Circle of Givers is a group of influencers who step up and live out the words found in James 1:27 – to look after the orphans in their time of distress; in other words, taking care of mamas and babies, making an impact – two heartbeats at a time.

Be a part of those who give $19 a month to provide for our most vulnerable; homeless pregnant teens, teen mothers, and their babies.

What does $19 a month do? It buys a can of formula and a package of diapers. It provides gas to get to and from doctor appointments. And together, it provides the operational costs for the SONshine Home.

Together We Can!

Project Details

Thankful for our Community

Local Support


Thank you to LaVie Early Pregnancy Services for supporting L&S.

Love in the Name of Christ

Thank you to Love INC of Yellowstone County for supporting L&S.

Young Families

Thank you to Young Families Early Head Start for supporting L&S.

First Christian Church

Thank you to First Christian Church for supporting L&S.

Harnish Foundation

Thank you to the Harnish Foundation for your continued support of L&S.

Yellowstone Valley Woman

Thank you to Yellowstone Valley Woman for supporting L&S.

Berkshire Hathaway

We were the recipients for the Berkshire Hathaway "Sugar Showdown" for 2023, which was $14,255. Thank you to Berkshire Hathaway for supporting L&S.

Charles M. Bair Family Trust

Thank you to Charles M. Bair Family Trust for supporting L&S with a $50,000 grant.

Stockman Bank

Thank you Stockman Bank for supporting L&S with a construction loan of $437,000 for home renovations.

Will you let your light Shine?

There are several ways that you can give and be a part of supporting these young mamas and their babes.

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