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Investing in Independence: Transforming Lives for Mothers & Children

Ever wonder what sets Love and Sonshine Ministries apart? Forget a one-size-fits-all shelter. We’re all about restoration, empowerment, and breaking cycles. We don’t just provide a roof; we offer a holistic roadmap to a thriving future for young moms and their precious babies. It’s a journey of healing that impacts lives, two heartbeats at a time.

Many of our residents have faced unimaginable challenges. That’s why our four-step program is designed to meet their needs on every level. We’ll build a solid foundation, step-by-step, so they can blossom with confidence and independence. This isn’t just about surviving, it’s about soaring. Ready to dive in and see how it works? Buckle up, because we’re about to break down the four key steps that empower our amazing moms to build a new generation of strength! 

Reception & Redemption

Upon entering the doors, the first thing these girls will experience is overwhelming love. LASM is developing the whole person. The reception phase will focus on creating a safe environment to take care of immediate needs and assess the care the young mom needs. 

In the redemption stage, girls will work towards building healthy views of themselves through licensed counseling, social services, mentoring and life skills training while enveloped in a community that speaks life, turning a victim into a victor! 

Responsibility & Replatforming

As the healing process continues, more responsibility will be gradually added. Girls will work towards goals that will empower them to thrive outside our doors. This includes educational goals, job training, financial literacy, and increased household responsibilities. 

While these girls will always be part of this community, the goal is toward healthy independent living. This organization will help secure affordable housing, job placement, and a full transition plan while giving the girls a safe network of continued support. 

Take Up Your Mat and Walk…

The healing of the paralytic man in John 5 has always stuck in my mind, not because of the miracle, but because of the two things Jesus says to the man, who has waited beside the healing pool for years:

  • “Do you want to be healed?”
  • “Get up, take up your bed, and walk.” 

First, Jesus, why ask obvious questions? Of course he wants to walk! And how insensitive to just tell him to do it. However, as I’ve matured, I’ve witnessed how people can get irrevocably stuck in their negative circumstances, reaching a point where they’ve given up hope that things will ever change or that their lives will be different than they are now and have always been. Christ calls us to examine our hearts to want to pursue growth and that we also need to take ownership and action alongside His strength and support. We have to choose to live differently to change our trajectory. 

Love and Sonshine’s program is about changing lives and generational stories. By giving girls (ofter who’ve known nothing but despair and trauma) a place of safety, love, and security, we allow them an opportunity to see a hopeful journey for their future … and then the tools and the program to achieve those goals.  

Safe Hearts, Strong Starts, Empowering Young Moms

Want to be a part of this incredible transformation? Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Become a monthly donor: Your consistent support provides a critical safety net for our moms and babies.
  • Join us for the Night of Radiance Event! This dazzling gala on October 3rd, 2024, raises crucial funds for our program. Celebrate our moms and their journeys while supporting a brighter future. Get your tickets today!

Together, we can create a world where young mothers and their children can thrive. Let’s break cycles, build independence, and witness the radiant strength of these amazing families!

Mackenzie Scheie

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