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Double Your Impact

Dear Friends,

Spring brings new beginnings, and at Love & Sonshine, we’re witnessing a surge in young mothers needing our support. More homeless expectant mothers than ever before are seeking our haven. Thankfully, a generous donor has offered a matching opportunity that can double your impact!

Donate any amount securely online at by June and your gift will be MATCHED, dollar-for-dollar, up to $2,100 per month total!

Imagine the difference we can make together. With just 20 new monthly donors at $60 each, we can reach the remainder of our goal in matched funds each month! The $2,100 of new giving will translate into $4,200 of funds that will enable us to provide expectant mothers with vital resources!

As you know, every pregnancy journey is unique. At Love & Sonshine, we believe in meeting each young mother’s individual needs with compassion and Christ-centered guidance. Your increased support, matched by this generous donor, allows us to be better stewards of your trust, maximizing the resources available to these mothers and their children.

Think back to the story of the widow’s mite (Mark 12:41-44). Her small offering, given with her whole heart, was recognized by Jesus as having great value. Similarly, your contribution, regardless of the amount, can be multiplied to make a significant difference in the lives of young mothers and their babies. 

Join us in sharing the love and hope of Christ this spring! Donate today and double your impact on the lives of these young mothers and their babies.

In Christ’s Love,

Matthew Scheie, Board Chairman

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