Partner With Us Monthly to Meet the Needs of Our Young Mommas and Babies

Shop for a Mom

Supporting Mamas and Babies

Shop for a Mom

We are so excited to share details about our May “Shop for a Mom” program! This program allows supporters to donate towards baskets filled with essential items for moms and babies in our community. Monetary gifts given toward this program will be set aside for use when a basket is purchased for a young mother and/or her baby. Below is a brief description of items that may be gifted in each basket.*

Mama Basket

Basket Ideas:
- Postpartum Recovery Items
- Breastfeeding Support Items
- Feeding Essentials
- Self Care Items

Baby Basket

Basket Ideas:
- Feeding Essentials
- Baby Care and Comfort Items
- Sensory and Developmental Play Items
- Bathing and Sleeping Essentials

Bonding Basket

Basket Ideas
- Developmental Play Items
- Baby-wearing and Comfort Items
- Relaxation and Self Care Items for Mama
- Journaling Essentials

Bringing Hope and Happiness

When You Buy a Basket

By participating in this program, you have the opportunity to provide young moms and babies with both essential items they need and goodies to enjoy. Together, we can provide them with support, comfort, and supplies to help them thrive.

*Each basket will be customized to meet the needs of the recipient(s).

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