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Angel Baby

There she was, a little girl – maybe 3 years old, soft, strawberry blonde, curly locks bouncing in the sun – so full of love, grace and wonder. She would dance around the house, her little princess twirls, singing and laughing, not a care in the world. Growing up, she was that one person who always had a gentleness about her – a soft, kind and loving demeanor. She smiled with her eyes and you could see right down into her heart and soul. I don’t remember a time where she did not have a baby doll in her arms – loving and caring for it.

I used to call her my “Angel Baby” – because she quite literally saved my life. See, she was born just 15 months after the loss of our first son. My sweet Emily Nicole! As she grew, we always talked about how she was an angel. And all of her life – now a beautiful grown adult with a daughter of her own – she has been a reflection of Jesus.

One of the biggest characteristics of a follower of Christ is selflessness, someone who is more concerned about the needs of others, rather than her own. Someone who gives without limits, expecting nothing in return. Someone who takes delight in making others feel loved.

When I decided I wanted to write about my beautiful daughter, I asked a few other people to describe her (because, as you can imagine, I am just a tad biased). Along with my thoughts, a few things people said struck me – “she has the sweetest heart, loves without limits – true agape love, has all the characteristics of the Proverbs 31 woman, is beautiful – inside and out, is fearfully and wonderfully made, is fierce, grounded and true to her values, and has never strayed from her faith” (despite going through some really difficult times).

WOW – wouldn’t we all like to have those traits? All throughout scripture, the Lord gives us clear direction on how to live a Christian life. I think one of the greatest characteristics about Emily is her ability to simply love others just as they are, no agenda, and expecting nothing in return. In fact, the Bible simplifies this very well for us – our jobs are to “Love God, Love Others” (Matthew 22:37-39). In modeling this very simple command, your life will reveal all the beautiful things we see in my precious, Angel Baby. While she may think I am her hero, the truth is she has always been mine! Love you, Heather

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