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A Cheerful Giver

Many of you have heard the story of the poor widow who gave everything she had to the Lord (Mark 12:41-44). She gave in complete and total faith – not worrying about what the future held for her. I want to share about my sweet Mama! She gives in this same manner – giving all she has, expecting nothing in return. It does not matter how big or small, if there is a need, she will meet it. Throughout my childhood, our family had very little – we were never the kids with the nicest clothing, the newest shoes or the latest toy or gadget. In fact, in every sense of the word, we were quite poor financially.

Despite being so poor, I watched my mom look upon the needy and show great compassion – you could (and still can) see it in her eyes – love and compassion for all. I watched her give when she had nothing left to give – financially, emotionally, spiritually or whatever. It didn’t matter if it was a person sitting on the street corner begging, or the child with tattered shoes who showed up at our doorstep. She would find something to give – a meal, her time, love, or whatever money she did have. In giving like this, I watched my whole life as my mom went without even basic needs at times (and still does to this day).

When we give back to God, we will lack nothing we need. God’s favor and grace will be showered on us. Malachi 3:10b says, God will “open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be enough room to store it”.

Friends – what is on your heart to give? Do you want to serve at your church? Do you want to share your talents, your time or financial gifts? Even if it seems counter-intuitive, DOOOOO IT! God loves a cheerful giver and you will be SO richly rewarded in heaven! Love you! Heather

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