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30 Cents

The other day a dear friend shared this story with me – the story of a time when she and her husband had no choice but to rely solely on the Lord for provision.

October 2007 my boyfriend (now husband) and I went on a work road trip. We were in door to door sales and hadn’t even been dating for 3 months. We didn’t have much money but the owner of the business we worked for offered to pay for our hotel. We arrived in Farmington, New Mexico with only our suitcases, a quarter tank of gas and $10 dollars to our name.

To say getting sales was rough was a complete understatement. My now husband, a drug addict at the time, was out of pills so when the boss gave us $20, he sent it to his mom so she could get him pills and send them back. While my husband was in the bed “pill sick”, which was a sickness I had never seen in my life, I was just sitting on the other bed contemplating all my decisions in life and questioning where God was and why he wasn’t helping me (us).

There was a Wendy’s right behind our hotel. They were running a special on 30 cent hamburgers. Having not even a penny to our names, I went searching literally everywhere for 30 cents just so we could share a hamburger for the day. Every day I found 30 cents. Nothing more and nothing less – just enough to get us that one hamburger. Sometimes I even checked the same places in the car and miraculously found 30 cents – sometimes even in pennies. THIS WENT ON FOR TEN DAYS.

Looking back I know exactly where God was. He was there, right with us, giving us just enough too meet our needs. He wasn’t letting us go without and keeping his great promise of provision

. Philippians 4:19 (NIV) says: “ And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus”.

Those dark days are ones I fondly look back on when times are tough. He brought us through that, provided exactly what we needed and was so (SO) faithful. That trip was one that brought me to my knees so many times. It also brought me closer to my husband and more importantly to the Lord. Every time I get change back from buying groceries I smile, thank the Lord, then put it in our son’s piggy bank. 30 cents changed my life. My husband has been clean for 13 years. We will be married for 9 this July. Our loving Father has been and will always be faithful. God is always good.

See, friends – we can trust that God is who he says he is. He will provide our every need – not necessarily our every want. Whatever we actually need here on earth, he will supply. While these needs may not always be financial (they may be things like courage, hope, wisdom or love) – if we trust in Christ, our attitudes and appetites will change from wanting more to accepting the Lord’s provision. This, sweet friends will give you power to live FOR him. Love you! Heather

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